Ana Pastor's horoscope: incisive and brave

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Ana Pastor whose full name isAna Pastor Garcia, is a journalist and television presenter. He became known for his 3 years at the helm of TVE breakfasts and yesterday, June 2, the Ana Pastor's goal, with a 14.9 audience share, 2,622,000 viewers. He has worked on Radio and Television.
Radio: National Radio of Spain, in 1999 Cadena SER with Iñaki Gabilondo.
TV: TVE in TVE 59 seconds in 2006, The TVE Breakfasts 2009-2012, sporadic participation in Weekly report and Personal affairs. In September 2012 CNN International and Cnn in Spanish. Since yesterday, June 2 presents Ana Pastor's Goal for the Sixth.
Newspapers: Newspaper of Catalunya, Yo Dona, SModa.
AwardsFreedom of Expression Award by the National Press Association in 2011,VII Couso Prize for Freedom of the Press was a candidate and Triangle Award candidate in 2011.

Date of birth ofAna Pastor: 12/9/1977 in Madrid, Spain

Zodiac sign of Ana PastorSagittarius

The horoscope ofAna Pastor: it isSagittarius. Ana Pastor is a journalist with a long career, who has earned her reputation by copying controversies and harsh and direct interviews. It is said of her that she is incisive and that she is not shy when it comes to asking everything she wants, to obtain a realistic and trustworthy interview. Many do not dare to be interviewed by her. In fact, his direct way of interviewing has earned him a dismissal on TVE.

She specialized in international politics. Ana Pastor has a good word, she is good at improvising, she has no stage fright. In his journalistic career, he has interviewed presidents, politicians, who have raised dust and talk: Rafrael Correa (President of Ecuador), Mahmud Ahmadineyad (President of Iran), Pérez-Rubalcaba, Mª Dolores de Cospedal, Patxi López, Felipe Gonzales, Alan Solomont (US Ambassador), Esperanza Aguirre ...

Sagittarians are like that. They dare with everything and when they think they are doing what they should, there is no one to stop them. They are very launched and have a lot of self-confidence, everything seems easy to them. Outside of work they are funny, smiling and open. They have the assurance that everything will go well for them. They are easy to work with, because they adapt very easily and collaborate without any problem. They are workers and the hours do not exist until they consider that their work is finished. All these characteristics can help us understand everything that has happened in your professional life. He is a very intelligent, independent and cultivated person. Just signed with Atresmedia, to work on Antenna 3 and in the sixth. People expected her, because they know the kind of interesting interviews she does. Yesterday in his 1st broadcast of his new program El Ana Pastor's goal, obtained a 14'9 share or audience.

Sagittarians are very versatile. It has been sent special in the attack of 7J in London, at Southeast Asian Tsunami, has covered news in many countries in Africa and Asia such as sent special, has directed a morning magazine for 3 years and has interviewed to national and international political figures, he has collaborated in the Weekly Report ... Sagittarius people, is that they love adventure and launch into the unknown. Ana is intrepid and is not afraid of anything. There is no doubt that Ana Pastor has a special charisma and a very well furnished head. He knows how to organize very well. As a good Sagittarius she is a tireless worker. Sagittarians, no matter how much problems they have, always know where their goal and priorities are.

Ana Pastor is up to date with the latest technologies. He is an ax with Twitter, it has become his nexus and habitual form of communication. He has 600,000 twitter users, who follow him. When you have to pronounce or pass some information, that's the way outside of your job.

You have no problem expressing your disagreement with the rules and forms of action in a public institution such as TVE, against machismo and the differences in the labor market. This journalist stands out in this, speaking loud and clear.

His love life is very discreet. She is married to Antonio Gacía Ferreras (Director of Atresmedia Television: La Sexta and Antena 3) and has a son born in 2011. They are his priorities in life. The sentimental life of Sagittarians is usually very hectic, because they are heartbreakers. In general, the life of the Sagittarius goes very fast. They have everything very clear and know very well what they want and what they don't. So if a relationship does not work, they can lose their roles and a lot. They are clear that it is better alone than in bad company. But in Ana's case, she seems to have found her fit and has a very stable marriage. To know more aboutSagittarius see:Characteristic of Sagittarius.

Compatibility ofAna Pastor with other signs:Ana Pastor As Sagittarius it is compatible with: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and with people of Taurus, Virgo, Pisces they get along regularly. On the other handAna Pastor it would be incompatible with couples whose sign is: Scorpio, Capricorn. For more information see:

Compatibility of the signs with Sagittarius

Other details of interest aboutAna Pastor and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card of Ana Pastor would beTHE HERMITThey are thoughtful, lonely, experienced people. (See:Hermit's Letter)
  • The number of Ana Pastor is he9, are generous, artistic and humane (See:Meaning of number 9, Numerology).
  • The Chinese horoscope ofAna Pastor it isTHE SNAKE, they are wise, elegant, cunning, thoughtful ... (See: the Snake in the Chinese Horoscope).
  • The color ofAna Pastor is heDark blue, bright blue, brown, ocher.
  • The Element ofAna Pastor: it isFire.
  • The planet ofAna Pastor it isJupiter.
  • The stone ofAna Pastor it isTopaz, Ruby and Hyacinth
  • Ana Pastor's Twitter is: @_anapastor_

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