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One thing is clear: we must not settle for the first offer we receive and we must be clear about what is best for us.

The latter is very important since it depends on us. We must be clear about what is best for us according to our savings possibilities, now and in 10 - 20 years, not feeling tied or imprisoned by the mortgage that we have negotiated and signed.

We have prepared some information that we believe may be useful to you:

  • Mortgage: negotiate with the Bank

General rules that will approximate the best mortgage:

  • Search many offers, compare and negotiate.If there is an interesting one, ask for one Binding offer. You don't have to fear leaving "your life bank". In fact, you are going to do an operation for 20 years or more, make sure it is the most convenient.
  • Remember that on the Internet you have the possibility to search for offers in a few minutes and check the loan simulations of the different banking entities. See mortgage simulators.
  • Do not dismiss Internet banking, it is usually a good option. All traditional entities have internet banking.
  • Note only fix on the interest rate (eg Euribor + something).
  • Try to negotiate the conditions. Many times the best mortgage is the one that has been negotiated with the Bank, based on less favorable initial conditions.
  • Don't mortgage your life. Perhaps you propose to mortgage your house, that is enough.
  • Calculate what you will have to pay each month in the event that interest rates increase. Financial entities are obliged to provide their clients with information on the monthly installments they would have to pay.

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