Reasons why it is uncomfortable for us to offer condolences

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We are uncomfortable with death. What are the reasons?

We have not culturally assimilated death. The spread of atheism has left us without a "protocol"

When faced with something tragic, we get so nervous that we lose our sense of naturalness. We want to appear sad or serious and many times we end up showing the opposite.

We then resort to ready-made phrases such as "I accompany you in feeling", but they sound like clichés and lacking in authenticity and sincerity.

We know that we are all going to die, but we behave as if death does not exist. We want to flee as soon as possible from a funeral home, funeral mass, cemetery ... we feel uncomfortable. Of course, humor is generally forbidden ...

There may be hypocrisy surrounding funerals today. Sadness and pain are mixed with a social act in which religious rites, condolences, environments where people linked to the deceased talk about their things, the unpredictable family attitude ... There are funerals that are parties (sometimes at the wish of the deceased) .

There are people that the death of their dog or even their computer causes them more sadness or pain than the death of a person. And it is that the latter surpasses us mentally. When we offer condolences, we don't really know what attitude that person expects from us.


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