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J. Borges

J.L Borges was a hallmark of 20th century literature. Argentine writing that cajoled children and not so children with its stories and short essays.

The poetry of J.L Borges had a philosophical identity where the roots came from the liberal current. Since 1918 when he wrote "rhythm of eyes" and, until 1985 with "The conspirators", the road has been a treasure.

Beyond symbols
Beyond the pomp and ash of anniversaries,
Beyond the aberration of the grammarian
Queve in the history of the hidalgo
That he dreamed of being Don Quixote and at last he did,
Not a friendship and a joy
But a herbarium of archaisms and a proverb,
You are, silent Spain, in us.
Spain of the bison, which would die
By the iron or the rifle,
In the grasslands of sunset in Montana
Spain where Ulysses descended to the House of Hades,
Spain of the Iberian, Celtic, Carthaginian, and Rome,
Spain of the tough Visigoths,
Of Scandinavian stock,
They spelled and forgot the writing of Ulfilas,
Shepherd of peoples,
Spain of Islam, of the cabal
And of the Dark Night of the Soul,
Spain of the inquisitors,
Who suffered the fate of being executioners
And they could have been martyrs
Spain of the long adventure

That deciphered the seas and reduced cruel empires
And that continues here, in Buenos Aires,
On this evening of July 1964,
Spain of the other guitar, the torn one,
Not the humble, ours,
Spain of the patios,
Spain of the pious stone of cathedrals and sanctuaries,
Spain of good manhood and abundant friendship,
Spain of useless courage,
We can profess other loves
We can forget you
How we forget our own past
Because you are inseparably in us,
In the intimate habits of the blood,
In the Acevedo and the Suárez of my lineage,
Mother of rivers and of swords and of multiplied generations,
Incessant and fatal.

Jorge Luis Borges

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